Video: Pickering's staff work hard to produce final batch of gin baubles

Inside Summerhall distillery, home of Pickering's, the 'gin elves' are feverishly working away to produce the final batch of this season's must have drinks item, their gin filled Christmas baubles.

Published 1st Dec 2016
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

A new video, posted on the gin brand's Facebook page states: "Summerhall Distillery aka: Edinburgh’s answer to Santa’s workshop. Complete with Gin Elves hand-filling, ribboning and boxing tens of thousands of gin-filled Christmas tree baubles."

The baubles have already proved a massive hit with Scottish gin fans, with the original batch being sold so quickly that the distillery was forced to release them in stages to meet demand.

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Pickering's say that the demand for the baubles is so great that the production of the novelty Christmas ornaments has jumped from 500 in 2015 to 30,000 this year.

And next year, the distillery say they will set out to make 300,000 baubles and start in early January 2017 to ensure that they meet demand for next Christmas.

The baubles are retailed in a gift pack with six differently coloured baubles containing 50ml of Pickering’s Gin (RRP: £30).

Pickering’s add that should you want to be in with a chance of securing a pack, it’s best to join their Ginfriends mailing list on their website, to learn about their about their general release 24 hours before anyone else.

And a little birdy tells us you better get on the list soon, because the final batch is set for release any day now...

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