Steven Spear of The Honours Burns Night recipes

Steven Spear of The Honours in Edinburgh provides a Burns Night recipe for Haggis Bon Bons and the perfect whisky cocktail to go with them

Published 25th Jan 2016
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The first major calendar event of the year is Burns’ night. This is a classic evening of entertainment and revelry celebrating the birthday of one of Scotland’s most famous sons: Robert Burns. Central to the night is the “address tae the haggis”, whereby the haggis is piped in with full honours and then celebrated with a recital of the poem and then theatrically cut with a ceremonial knife.

At The Honours we celebrate haggis in a small way throughout the year with our Haggis Bon Bons. These are always available on our Small Bite Menu in the bar and really do make an excellent canapé to enjoy with a pre-dinner drink. Our regulars love them, plus they are a great way of getting the suspicious traveller to taste haggis for the first time.

The traditional address to the haggis is always finished with a toast of whisky. With this in mind, I thought we would let you have our recipe for The Honours’ Whisky Sour. We make our Whisky Sour with Johnnie Walker Black Label for a hint of smokiness and this classic cocktail is great to serve with the Bon Bons as a little twist on the classic whisky and haggis combination.

Burns Night Haggis Bon Bons



• 1 good quality haggis approximately 400-500g
• 2 eggs beaten with a little milk
• 50g of plain flour
• 100g of panko Japanese breadcrumbs or plain breadcrumbs


1.Remove the haggis from its bag, portion into small pieces weighing approximately 20g each and then roll into balls.

2.Lay out three bowls one with the egg wash, one with flour and one with the breadcrumbs.

3.Coat the haggis balls in the flour, transfer to the egg and coat again then finally roll in the breadcrumbs.

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4.Store in the fridge before cooking.

5.Deep fry in vegetable oil 180˚C for 3 minutes then drain on kitchen paper before serving.

The Honours Whisky Sour

Mark Greenaway - Credit Coppermango Photography (5)

Glass = Rocks Glass (Whisky Tumbler)
Garnish = Lemon Wheel / Griottine Cherries / Ruby Port.
Method = Shake


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• 50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
• 25ml egg white
• 25ml lemon juice
• 25ml sugar syrup
• Dash of ruby port
• Lemon wheel
• Griottine cherries


1.Add all ingredients to the low part of a Boston shaker.

2.Dry shake the ingredients to emulsify the egg white.

3.Add ice cubes and shake vigorously for 15 – 20 seconds.

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4.Strain drink into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a few drops of ruby port.

5.Place lemon wheel and cherries onto a cocktail stick and place on the top of the drink.

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