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How to make a 'Robert Burns' cocktail

Looking to mix things up this Burns Night? Well, this recipe for the wonderful Robert Burns cocktail should really impress your guests.

Published: January 25, 2016

The Robert Burns - or Bobby Burns as it's affectionately known - is a classic cocktail guaranteed to get any Burns Night party in full swing.

So should you be looking to make one, we've pulled together the perfect recipe:

The Robert (Bobby) Burns

Robert Burns cocktail

The Robert - or Bobby - Burns. Picture: Getty


• 50ml Scotch whisky (we recommend using a decent - non-smokey - blend)
• 20ml sweet vermouth
• Dash of orange bitters
• Dash of absinthe (You can replace the absinthe with Pernod if you'd prefer)


Pour the whisky into a mixing glass. Then add the vermouth and the orange bitters. Add ice and stir well.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, then add a dash of the absinthe (or Pernod), this will bring a nice contrasting flavour but be careful to keep it to a dash as it can overpower the rest of the ingredients if the measure is too strong.

Garnish: a Maraschino cherry

As an aside why not serve it with some shortbread or tablet.

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