Plans for new Islay whisky distillery could soon be revived

Plans for a new whisky distillery on Islay which had previously stalled due to a land dispute could soon be revived, according to a leading Scotch whisky website.

Published 9th Nov 2017
Updated 21 st Sep 2023 have reported that the land dispute between Jean Donnay, the man behind the Gartbreck distillery project and independent bottler Hunter Laing, who are also building their Ardnahoe Distillery on the island, could soon see a resolution.

This would mean that the construction work for Gartbreck - the plans for which were first launched in early 2014, with building work slated to have begun in early 2016 - could soon restart.

The project originally went awry when a disagreement emerged between Donnay, owner of Glann ar Mor distillery in Brittany, France, and Hunter Laing over a strip of land adjoining the distillery site.

According to, the Glasgow-based whisky company had agreed to buy Gartbreck from Donnay in early 2015, but the Frecnh businessman opted to pulled out of the deal.

The aformentioned land had been purchased by Hunter Laing from its former owner, Islay Estates ahead of the collapsed deal.

Now it appears, the two parties have reached an amicable deal which would see the land sold to the Gartbreck team and the project rekindled.

Donnay had originally posted on social media saying that the new distillery (which would have been Islay's ninth but is not set to be the tenth following the launch of the Ardnahoe project on the  east coast of the island) will have "its two pot stills operating with direct heating from a live flame and will produce 120.000 LPA/year”.



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