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Pickering’s Gin and Edinburgh Festival Fringe toast 70 years with exclusive bottling

Craft gin distiller Pickering's Gin has launched an exclusive bottling with Edinburgh Festival Fringe, marking the 70th anniversary of its original Bombay gin recipe and the birth of the fringe festival concept 70 years ago in Edinburgh.

Published: July 20, 2017
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Following the first ever World Fringe Day celebrations this July, Pickering’s has marked the date their original nine botanical gin recipe was written down at Mount Mary, Bombay.

The fragment of paper, bestowed to Marcus Pickering by a friend of his late father, became the inspiration for the launch of the gin company.

Crafted in partnership with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which began in 1947, when eight companies turned up uninvited, to perform at the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival, the one-off run of 650 bottles has been distilled precisely to the old recipe exactly 70 years on from its creation.

The 70cl limited edition bottles of Pickering’s Original 1947 are embellished with the 70-year heritage story with distinctive Edinburgh Festival Fringe labelling.

The old Bombay recipe came into the possession of the distillery’s co-founder Marcus Pickering in 2013.


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In the years since, the team at the small central Edinburgh distillery say they have brought Bombay-style gin back to life by "modernising, tinkering, ageing, distilling, bottling, labelling and waxing" a range of gins by hand.

Based at the former kennels of the former Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, now one of Europe’s biggest independent arts centres, Summerhall, Pickering’s Gin co-founder Marcus Pickering said: “Being able to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our original recipe gin with the world’s biggest and most successful arts festival is truly humbling.

“We know how important heritage, dedication and time is when it comes to making good gin and the same could be said when explaining the success of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.”

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Matt Gammell, the distillery’s other founder and head distiller said: “This limited edition bottling is incredibly exciting for us as a distillery and we’re confident that this old recipe will be gratefully received by fans of gin and the Fringe alike. The mix of original Bombay botanicals includes cinnamon, which adds a decidedly warming and spicy kick to the spirit.”

• The limited edition Pickering's Original 1947 gin is available to buy for £29.95 via the Pickering’s Gin website

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