North Sea surfers from Pease Bay become unlikely stars of Carling’s new ad campaign

A group of Scottish surfers who brave the freezing cold waters of the north sea to surf together have become the unlikely stars of a new UK-wide advertising campaign from Carling. 

Published 3rd Jun 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

45-year-old Jason Burnett stars in the ad, along with his fellow surf friends from the local, windswept town of Pease Bay in Scotland.

Jason not only surfs the icy waves of the north sea, but also makes his own surfboards by hand for people in his community.

The surfing enthusiast tailors each board in a converted World War II barracks to fit the needs of his ever-expanding, loyal customer base.

Burnett’s story inspired Carling to feature him and his surfing friends in its Made Local advert with the aim of encouraging more people to follow their passions in their local areas.

Jason hopes to get more people in Scotland surfing and is designing his own surfboards which will be donated to the Scottish Surfing Federation.

The Made Local Fund is supporting Jason in this project by providing him with funding for the materials needed to create the bespoke, hand-crafted surfboards.

Burnett and his surfing friends have travelled all over the world, but no matter where the sport has taken them, coming back to home waters is where their hearts lie.

He said: “I love how easily surfing can bring people and communities together. As individuals, we have surfed all over the world, but nothing quite beats home. The friendships I’ve made from surfing in Pease Bay are as solid as the surfboards I make.

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“It was fantastic to have the support of Carling behind us and be part of the Made Local campaign. We hope our story inspires others to pursue their passions and start something amazing in their hometown.”

As part of the Made Local campaign, Carling has committed to a multi-million-pound investment into its Made Local Fund over the next three years to those things, big or small, that matter most to local communities in the UK.

The Made Local Fund celebrates a generation’s ambition to make things happen in their own backyard, projects that bring people together over shared passions and create opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Miranda Osborne, brand director at Carling, said: “It’s been really fantastic working with Jason and the surfers of the North Sea. Jason’s compelling story is what Made Local is all about. We hope the friends continue to surf together and inspire others to follow their passions and make things happen in their hometown.”

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