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Moray's Dunphail Distillery gets planning approval

A new whisky distillery in Moray has been given the green light.

Published: July 26, 2021
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The team behind London’s Bimber Distillery have confirmed that plans to open a new Scottish whisky distillery and visitor centre in Dunphail, south of Forres have been approved by Moray Council.

The planned 200,000 LA capacity site will be constructed through the conversion of an existing farm steading and become Dunphail Distillery.

“We’re delighted that our planning application has been approved” said spokesperson Matt McKay.

“We’re incredibly excited to be moving forward with our new distillery.

"We’ve worked very closely with Moray Council to ensure that Dunphail not only harmonises with the landscape, but that it also supports the wider community and the conservation of the local environment and its ecosystems.

"We are looking forward to turning our vision for Dunphail into a reality and crafting truly exceptional world-class single malt whiskies.”

The whisky distillery will combine tradition and modernity in both its appearance as well as its production processes.

It will feature a floor malting facility and traditional kiln which will be utilised to process locally sourced barley.

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The fermentation times will be long, and distillation will be through direct-fired stills.

The breaking of ground expected to take place in early 2022 with distillation due to commence later that year.

The company is now in the process of raising the investment required to fund the capital expenditure costs to construct the new distillery and to fund the initial operational costs whilst casks mature.

Additional details about the planned construction process, distillery specifications, and opportunities to play a part in Dunphail’s journey through memberships and cask purchases will announced over the coming months.

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This new distillery is one of many planned for Scotland in the next few years, with a number opened already including the iconic Brora.

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