Outlander star Sam Heughan is launching his own whisky

Star of the hugely popular television series Outlander Sam Heughan is getting set to launch his own whisky brand. 

Published 18th Aug 2019
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The Scottish actor, who plays Jamie Fraser on the show, posted a unicorn logo on his Instagram account with the tagline - "The Sassenach".

Which as fans will know, is a nod to the nickname Sam's character Jamie has given his on-screen love interest Claire on the show, with the term originating in the Highlands and originally used in Gaelic-speaking circles to describe the English, or in some cases lowland Scots.

Under the post, which also features the words "unique spirits", Heughan added: "Distilling now in Scotland... Drop by drop."


The news comes after the star said in an interview with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society that he had set up his own company - the Great Glen Company - to achieve the "lifelong dream" of having his own dram - possibly to help him stop pilfering whisky from showrunner Ron Moore who is also a big whisky fan.


A post on Twitter by the Chief Meteorologist at ABC News, Ginger Zee, which was retweeted by the man himself, seemed to confirm that the whisky is set to be released soon, she wrote: "Yes... and all I can say is I had a wee dram of Sassenach whiskey [Sic] with @SamHeughan so the day is going well so far."

A link to the website for the new spirit, which only offers an email sign up, reads: "The Sassenach is a premium blended whisky made in Scotland".

Heughan, who is himself a fan of peated whiskies, is yet to confirm what flavour characteristics the new brand might have.

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