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In pictures: a sneak peek at the new Harry Potter pop-up bar coming to Edinburgh in 2018

Harry Potter fans in the capital will have something to look forward in the new year after a new pop-up bar based on the books and film series was announced for 2018.

Published: November 24, 2017
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The pop-up potions bar, which is due to arrive in January, will aim to take the city's already strong connections with the magical universe that one step further by allowing fans to immerse themselves in a unique drinks experience that the organisers say is their "most interactive experience bar to date".

Harry Potter

The pop up will feature cocktails inspired by the books and films. Picture: Pop Up Geeks

Harry Potter author and creator JK Rowling still lives in Edinburgh and is said to have taken inspiration from the city's rich history when writing a huge chunk of the series at the Elephant House, a coffee shop on George IV Bridge.

Harry Potter

Picture: Pop Up Geeks

Edinburgh events specialists the Pop Up Geeks revealed the magical project on social media, announcing that the ‘Perilous Potions’ bar, which follows on from the success of their Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Walking Dead pop-ups, would focus on the multi-billion pound franchise.

Posting on Instagram, the Pop Up Geeks teased fans with a selection of cocktails, including one based on the infamous 'Goblet of Fire' as well as other drinks 'inspired by the wizarding world'.

Speaking about the launch of Perilous Potions, Linden Wilkinson of The Pop Up Geeks stated that they wanted the drinking experience to be as "immersive as possible", explaining that guests will be able to conjure up their own cocktails at their table in a "potions class setting".

Harry Potter fans will be able to "simply select their potion from the menu" before receiving a tray of ingredients and a set of instructions.

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Each potion will, according to Wilkinson, have its own magical effect and the end result will depend entirely on the person's "wizarding ability", however he guarantees it will always be delicious, he said: "The bar itself will have decorations paying homage to the wizarding world with a specific focus on the Potions class feel.

Harry Potter

Picture: Pop Up Geeks

"Most cocktails on the menu will be an interactive experience where guests conjure up their own magic with the help of their Potions book."

The themed pop up specialists said that they took inspiration from Edinburgh’s close links to JK Rowling and her wizarding world and that the huge following it has gathered in the city made the latest project a no-brainer.

Wilkinson added: "We were also looking for ways to create a much more interactive experience which Perilous Potions allows us to do.

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"We have wanted to do Perilous Potions from the beginning but we are determined to get it right, so putting time into the planning and menu development has been really important to us."

The team also confirmed that they are working on a couple of "other worldly Pop Ups" including one inspired by hit Netflix series Rick and Morty and a speakeasy inspired by Peaky Blinders.

Wilkinson explained that they had another huge "Top Secret project" that they would be announcing very soon.

The events team said they will be focusing on perfecting their pop ups in Edinburgh, and that they hope to bring a permanent venue to the capital for 2018 where "guests can visit 7 days a week for the first time".

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They also revealed that they have exciting permanent project to be opened "even sooner" and that they are considering taking their Game of Thrones pop-up on tour across the UK as the smash hit show prepares for its final series.

Further details about the pop up and their other upcoming events will be released on their Facebook and Twitter in the coming weeks.

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