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Haar of the dog: the single malt whisky served in a vapour

Published: July 28, 2015
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A "Scotch mist" usually describes a combination of fog and drizzle commonly seen in the Highlands and Islands.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time, then, that Ardbeg, the Islay distiller, created its own: a whisky that comes in vapour form.

Its unique single malt is created by pouring whisky into a special carafe, which transforms the whisky into, essentially, a drinkable cloud.

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The carafe has crystals at its base that vibrate rapidly to create an ultrasonic pressure wave, which turns the whisky into aerial micro droplets, thereby forming what the company calls the Ardbeg Haar.

The cloud of whisky floats up the funnel of the carafe, where it can be collected in a glass and sipped through a tailor-made straw, or poured over a specialist cocktail.

The vessels, also tailored, have a cover on them which keeps the Haar – a Scots word for sea fog – in the glass for as long as possible.

The Ardbeg carafe will be "used by renowned mixologists across the UK" to turn the whisky into cloud form, the firm said.

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Currently four bars in the UK – Hakkasan Mayfair, London; Dabbous, London; Hawksmoor, Manchester; and Tigerlily in Edinburgh – have acquired the Ardberg Haar tool, which produces a thick plume of white, whispy smoke with a nasally hint of whisky.

Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, explained the inspiration behind Ardbeg Haar: "The haar which rolls in from the sea is as familiar to island life as the soft water and precious peat which influence our whiskies.

"We believe that in this sampling ritual we have captured the essence of its elusive qualities.

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"The swirling mist of Ardbeg Haar will intrigue, immersing people in the aromas, tastes and textures of The Ultimate Islay Malt Whisky, in a way never previously imagined."

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