Tesco bans sugary drinks aimed at children from its supermarkets

Published 28th Jul 2015
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

Tesco has banned sugary juice drinks such as Ribena, Rubicon and Capri Sun from its shelves in response to concerns about child obesity.

The supermarket giant said lunch box cartons and small bottles of added sugar juice drinks aimed at children will no longer be sold from the start of the new school year.

Ribena will still be available in no-added sugar versions and cordial bottles.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: "We want to help our customers make healthier choices and that's why we have pledged to continue to cut sugar from the food and drink on our shelves.

"From September all the children's juice drinks we sell will have no added sugar in them because we know it'll make a positive difference to children's health."

Juice drinks aimed at children are defined as ready-to-drink and in packaging from 150ml cartons up to 300ml bottles, Tesco added.
It comes as the supermarket vows to reduce the sugar content of its own brand soft drinks by 5 per cent a year.

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