Gordon & MacPhail’s new look Connoisseurs Choice to lead portfolio relaunch

An Elgin-based whisky company known worldwide for its popular independent bottle ranges is to relaunch its entire portfolio.

Published 18th Apr 2018
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Gordon & MacPhail will streamline its existing offering into five ranges: Discovery, Distillery Labels, Connoisseurs Choice, Private Collection, and Generations.

Each of these will celebrate the 122-year-old, family-owned firm’s commitment to the “art of Scotch whisky maturation”.

The first range to relaunch, with a new look, will be Connoisseurs Choice, which has its 50th anniversary this year.

Stephen Rankin, director of prestige and a fourth generation member of the Urquhart family, owners of Gordon & MacPhail, said: “We are streamlining our portfolio to make it more accessible for our consumers, placing their desire for products with heritage, authenticity and provenance at the heart of each range.

“We want to take malt whisky lovers on a journey that will help them explore beyond their usual choices. Each whisky tells a story, not only about the distillery of origin and the casks maturing the spirit, but also about the time and patience devoted to nurturing each whisky to the pinnacle of its maturation potential.

"Many of the whiskies in our ranges have been tended by multiple generations of my family.”

The refreshed Connoisseurs Choice range was pioneered in 1968 by George Urquhart at a time when very few whiskies were bottled as single malts.

Mr Rankin added: “When my grandfather launched Connoisseurs Choice, he was considered eccentric for taking such an innovative approach. This range provided an opportunity for whisky lovers to explore whiskies that had never previously been bottled as single malts. As a result, he is heralded as one of the pioneers of the single malt category.

“Our Connoisseurs Choice range remains true to my grandfather’s vision and philosophy while placing a greater emphasis on small batch, single and multiple casks, bottled as vintages.”

The brand-new Discovery range will follow in late spring, while Distillery Labels launches in the summer and a new look Private Collection range is set to be released in the autumn.

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