Glenmorangie to celebrate 175th anniversary with plans for expansion

A Highland distillery is to celebrate its 175th anniversary by announcing plans for a multi-million-pound expansion.

Published 29th Jan 2018
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

A Highland distillery is to celebrate its 175th anniversary by announcing plans for a multi-million-pound expansion.
Glenmorangie (pronounced Glen–MOR–in–gee) will mark the celebration with plans to build a new still house.

Funded by investment from its owner The Glenmorangie Company, the expansion will house two more of Glenmorangie’s signature copper stills (one wash still, one spirit still).

The proposals have been submitted, and subject to approval, the distillery, which is based in Tain, Ross-shire, aims to start work on the project this year, with a completion date in 2019 and the distillery running as normal throughout the construction.

The team at Glenmorangie say the proposed new still house will be a fitting celebration of the Distillery’s 175th anniversary, allowing them to increase their capacity in line with the rising global demand for single malt Scotch.

Glenmorangie confirmed that it remains committed to the local Highland community in which it has been rooted since its inception in 1843 and in the coming weeks, it will invite local residents to a meeting where they can hear about the expansion plans first hand.
This new building will work in tandem with the existing still house and showcase two more of Glenmorangie’s signature copper stills, the tallest in Scotland – at 5m (16ft) high.

The new structure will regenerate a site currently occupied by a disused grain store and plans have also been proposed for a separate building to provide additional mashing and fermentation facilities.

Marc Hoellinger, president and CEO of The Glenmorangie Company, said: “It is a testament to the success of Glenmorangie, and to the increasing appreciation of our whisky creators’ vision and expertise, that we are able to plan with confidence for the future.

“We believe the proposed investment will support the Distillery’s growth and ensure that many more discerning single malt whisky drinkers can discover the delights of our exceptional Highland single malt Scotch whisky.”

Glenmorangie also announced the launch of its first single malt whisky fully matured in American ex-rye whiskey casks as part of its popular Private Edition series - the Spìos (Scots Gaelic for ‘spice’ and pronounced ‘spee-oss’) is described as “sweet and spicey” and went on sale on Tuesday (30th January).

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