Popular Highland distillery announces new tour - The Glengoyne Story

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, Glengoyne is inviting whisky fans to find out all about the distillery's history in a new tour.

Published 30th Jan 2020
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The Glengoyne Story will take visitors on a journey from the rough and ready roots of the distillery to the popular, refined single malt that is produced from Scotland's slowest stills.

The exclusive tour has been created by Whisky Experiential Ambassador Gordan Dallas, with the first tour taking place on 7th February.

Speaking about the Glengoyne Story tour, the team said: "It is the story of five families, each of whom left their indelible mark on Glengoyne’s flavour story. From the birth of the distillery, inextricably linked to the rapid rise of Glasgow as an industrial powerhouse, through violent vagabonds and Victorian entrepreneurs to modern day pirates.

"Part social history, part process evolution, with painstaking new research allowing us to tell this tale like never before, this engaging meander through time includes the five whiskies that best showcase the methods and flavours from key moments in the evolution of Glengoyne in our gradual quest for perfection."

The History of Glengoyne tour is available to book now, priced at £35  per person, which includes a tasting of limited edition drams.

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