First rum distillery for Dumfries and Galloway given planning permission

Dumfries and Galloway could soon have its first ever rum distillery after planning permission was given for the site by the local council.

Published 24th Nov 2017
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

No set to be producing its first spirit by spring next year, Ninefold Distillery will produce a variety of rums in a converted traditional stone built farm building near Lockerbie.

Housed on Dormont Estate, Ninefold will be the first distillery in the south of Scotland to distill rum from scratch.

The team behind the new venture say the rums will be hand made on site in small batches from molasses, bringing modern distilling techniques to a traditional recipe.

Rums for ageing will also be casked and stored on site, with a unique ageing technique currently in development. Ninefold Distillery will have an initial manufacturing capacity of 1000 bottles per year use only locally or Scottish sourced ingredients where possible.

Dr Kit Carruthers, founder and managing director of Ninefold Distillery, said: “Everyone loves rum, whether it’s a Mojito, a rum and cola, or a good sipping rum.

"Small batch produced rum is set to take off in the same way that gin has, and I’m looking to have Ninefold Distillery and its careffully hand crafted rums put Dumfries & Galloway on the map as a premium rum producer in Scotland.”

Dr Carruthers explained that the first spirit to be produced will be a premium white rum, perfect for mixing and making cocktails, with rum liqueurs and cask aged dark and golden rums planned for the future.

The managing director added that the distillery will complement existing whisky and gin distilleries in the region, marking Dumfries & Galloway as a producer of quality, premium spirits.

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