A new distillery in Deerness on Orkney has begun producing gin and vodka, becoming the first new site on the island in 130 years to do so.

The family run distillery, run by Stuart and Adele Brown, began producing gin and vodka this month.

Having arrived on the island after moving their from Australia, the Browns set about turning what had previously been a hobby into a fully fledged company.

Picture: Deerness Distillery

Their gin still (lovingly dubbed Matilda) is a “traditional alembic copper pot still with a reflux column added to refine the process”.

The pair handcraft every batch using premium Orkney wild and grown botanicals where possible to produce their unique Orkney gin.

So far they have produced Sea Glass gin and Into the Wild vodka, and the distillers hope that their new spirits will complement the already rich food and drink scene that exists on the island.

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