Enjoy a Glasgow gin party with the Gordon Street Lock In

Glasgow gin fans will have another excuse to celebrate this weekend as Gordon St Coffee's Gordon street Lock In returns with a fun night of gin cocktails and great music. 

Published 29th Jul 2016
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

The 'Gordon Street Lock In' returns this Saturday, the 30th of July, with a summer twist. Located at Gordon St Coffee just at the entrance of Central station, the Lock In will offer guests the chance to enjoy a gin garden style party, with cocktails and vintage beats.

Building on the success of previous events, the Lock In will run from 7pm until 10pm, and will mix all of the best parts from a cocktail event with Gordon Street Coffee's laid back style to create a fun night that will be sure to appeal to any gin fan.

The organisers say the event is free to enter, and anyone who attends will be able to sample the cocktails for £5 as well as being given the chance to enjoy their gin cocktails - Hendricks gin, elderflower, earl grey syrup and lime - from a Hendricks teapot which serves two people for just £10.

Gordon St Coffee

Aimee McLean, assistant manager, says the Gordon Street staff will be bringing their skills to the fore, to ensure everyone has fun, she said:  "We have a lot of ex-bar staff and mixologists that have come to Gordon St Coffee for more civilised working hours but miss the creativity and flair of a good cocktail night, so it was a natural step to introduce a late night event."

"We're all really excited for Saturday's Gin Fling. We have put a lot of hard work into developing a really tasty cocktail menu that is tea and coffee inspired, it should be a really fun night!"

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