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Emoji quiz: Can you name these 14 Edinburgh bars?

We've put together an emoji bars quiz featuring some well known Edinburgh pubs - but how many can you name?

Published: April 9, 2020
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You may not be able to visit any of these Edinburgh bars just now but can you work out what they are from our emoji quiz?

With the UK in lockdown for the foreseeable future, many of us are spending time chatting to friends on Whatsapp – the result of which has been the creation of emoji quizzes.

Simple to make, they spell out names of things – such as barsrestaurants or in one case, diseases – by using emojis in a sequence. And they can be harder than you might think.

We’ve created one to test your knowledge on 14 of Edinburgh’s bars. As the famous saying goes, just say what you see…

The quiz

emoji quiz


Give it a go and let us know how you get on. Answers are below...


emoji quiz

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