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Edinburgh's eteaket invites tea fans to head online and try new mindfulness challenge

The Edinburgh based loose tea company has set an online mindfulness challenge, and is hoping customers can take some time out to unwind with tea.

Published: April 14, 2020

The mindfulness challenge was launched on by eteaket on 14 April via their social media and is titled tea in mind (or #teainmind).

Founder of eteaket, Erica Moore, is hoping that the ritual of making tea and taking time away from a screen or TV can help people pause and re-balance, which can help calm the mind during this stressful time.

The type of tea to drink can also enhance mood, so if you're feeling stressed or anxious try herbal, fruit or rooibos tea or if you're overwhelmed, try black tea to re-balance.

What is tea in mind?

Posting on their website, Erica said: "Tea in mind allows you to choose a tea based on your current emotion, alongside a concept of 3 minute tea routines empowering you to pause, re-balance and create a calming space for your mind…

"The concept came to being following my interest and research into the five elements of Chinese philosophy and their connection to tea.  It is created to empower, inspire and create lasting, positive change."

Anyone trying out the challenge is being encouraged to tag eteaket on their social media with the hashtag #teainmind - a move which the brand hopes will spread a 'chain reaction of positivity'.

This mindfulness challenge comes as the team at eteaket have joined forces with Social Bite to launch ‘Positivitea’ - with 20 per cent of the proceeds going to the homeless charity.

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The team say: “Tea all comes from one plant, yet with one difference, the process it is put through which mirrors a likeness in our differing experiences of life. Positivitea defies any norm and celebrates diversity. It has been created to unify and challenge perceptions.”


The tea is made with a combination of black, green and white tea, with Dragonfruit pieces, pink pepper, tangy raspberry, blackberry and relaxing chamomile flowers.

Erica Moore said: “With a focus on innovation we are always looking to develop new interesting tea blends and to collaborate with like minded businesses like Social Bite.

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"When the opportunity came along to work with Social Bite on a blend we wanted something that would represent connection, diversity and inclusion. Positvitea is a combination of four different teas which have been blended together to create something that not only tastes great but is also going to make a positive difference.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Social Bite to produce this intriguing tea blend. Social Bite is on a mission to build a collaborative movement to end homelessness in Scotland and we are proud to help them with their efforts. 20 per cent of retail sales from this tea will go to the Social Bite Charity.”

Positivitea is priced at £7.95 (100g, 40 pots) and can be bought online from the eteaket website.

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