Edinburgh whisky distillery proudly shows off its newly installed copper stills

The first single malt whisky distillery announced for the capital in nearly a century has posted pictures on social media proudly displaying its newly installed copper stills.

Published 20th Feb 2019
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The proposed Holyrood Distillery and Visitor experience, which is currently under construction at the former Engine Shed building on St Leonard’s Lane, is due to open its doors to the public later this year.

The project reached an important milestone this week when the team behind it  announced that they had installed their new stills on social media.

Posting on Twitter, they wrote: "BeSTILL our beating hearts! We are aWASH with joy and our SPIRITS are lifted now that these beauties are in place."

In a separate Facebook post they then added: "We’ll soon be able to start producing the spirit which we'll mature into Holyrood Whisky. Watch this space for more images of Holyrood Whisky in the making!"

Holyrood distillery stills
How the new distillery will look. Picture: Holyrood Distillery Facebook

A joint development by David Robertson, former Master Distiller for The Macallan, and Rob and Kelly Carpenter, founders of the Canadian branch of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Holyrood Distillery will be Edinburgh’s first single malt whisky distillery since Glen Sciennes closed in the 1920s.

The plan for the new distillery. Picture: Holyrood Distillery

Under the guidance of head distiller, Jack Mayo, the distillery aims to produce a range of single malts, gins, liqueurs and other spirits, with the team behind the project saying their progressive approach to playing with flavours, ingredients, distilling processes and maturation will set them apart from rival distilleries.

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