Echo Falls just released a 'gin-infused' rosé and gin bloggers aren't happy about it

Winemaker Echo Falls has just released a new rosé wine and 'gin infusion' and gin bloggers, who say the word gin should not be used on its label, aren't very happy about it.

Published 21st Feb 2019
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Already concerned by the rise in products using the word gin in their labelling when they don't meet the required criteria, the latest release from the popular wine maker, which blends their rosé wine with a "gin infusion", is raising some questions within the drinks blogging community who took to social media to voice their concerns.

Many of them believe it should not have the word gin anywhere on the bottle as it doesn't contain any actual gin.


Emma Parish who tweets under the handle @GinthusiastUK wrote: "Oh for f**k's sake. Not another one. Can we all just agree to stop this now? @echo_falls have gone mad. @GinMonkeyUK's war-cry seems pretty apt: #STOPF**KINGWITHGIN"

While co-founder of the Gin Cooperative, Martin Reid, described the new product as "bastardisation of the word gin".

Gin blogger Gin Monkey, who started the #stopf**ckingwithgin movement in response to the growth of products using the word gin in their labelling, joked: "Me: 'Surely we've reached peak ridiculous in products jumping on the gin bandwagon?'
"Echo Falls: 'Hold my rose...'"

To which Leah Gleeson responded: "First: no. Second: no. Third: how does wine + gin = 9%. Fourth: When we talk about a gin/wine crossover we mean the holiness of Bloody Shiraz or G'Vine. This is not that - this is the idea that comes just before a 3am kebab. Fifth: no. Again."

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But not all drinks fans were disappointed by the new release. The post on the Echo Falls Facebook page has so far had nearly 10,000 likes and over 45,000 comments.

Echo Falls owner Accolade Wines said the new drink was created "in response to the boom in gin popularity" and would be an exclusive available in Nisa and Co-op stores around the UK priced at £5 per bottle.


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