Edinburgh-based start up Savora Drinks crowdfunding to launch mixers made for tequila

A new company is hoping to change the perception of tequila with the launch of mixers designed to create a long drink with the spirit.

Published 17th Mar 2021
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Edinburgh's Savora Drinks are urging people to 'rewrite your tequila story' by promoting tequila as a long serve, with the help of their specially made mixers.

Described by the founders as a 'disruptive brand', the business has three core objectives: to create high quality spirit-mixer pairings, drive forward sustainability in the industry and empower their community.

Ultimately, the team want tequila and a mixer to be viewed in the same way by consumers as a gin and tonic.

Co-founder of Savora Drinks, Matthew Walker said: "We believe that conducting business in a socially responsible manner is an essential trait of all 21st century businesses.

"Brewdog have been successful in implementing this, such as recently planting 1 million trees and becoming the world's first carbon negative business.

"However, we believe that the wider drinks industry is lagging behind and we want to join companies such as Brewdog in progressing sustainable innovation within the drinks industry."

The first mixer within the Savora Drinks range is a sparkling blend of Zesty Lime and Sweet Agave, crafted to uplift the natural flavours of Tequila.

Matthew said: "We're seeing a real change in tequila consumption habits with the rapid growth in popularity of 100 per cent  agave tequila.

"This high quality tequila which is made solely from the agave plant is a stark contrast to the cheap tequila which previously dominated the UK market."

Savora Drinks are currently Crowdfunding as they work towards launching their "Summer Sipping" campaign in the coming months.

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The campaign has been a resounding success so far, hitting the original target within just 24 hours.

They are now overfunding, offering the chance to be one of the first to experience Savora before the launch next month.

Matthew added: "We've really enjoyed our journey so far, sharing our story and giving people the chance to try our product before anyone else.

"As the hospitality sector re-opens over the coming months we're really looking forward to sharing the Savora story with the wider community."

You can learn more about Savora and their Crowdfunding campaign here, which will be live until 2 April.

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