Dundee MP calls for alcohol duty exemption for distillers creating hand sanitisers to aid health services

An MP in Dundee is calling on the UK Government to offer an alcohol duty exemption for all distillers currently producing hand sanitiser for the UK’s health services. 

Published 18th Mar 2020
Updated 18 th Mar 2020

The news comes after we revealed that Scottish distillers up and down the country were going out of their way to do what they could following a call for help from the NHS and care partnerships in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

In a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Law highlighted the cost of alcohol duty for spirit distillers, who are currently having to pay around £25 in alcohol duty to produce just one litre of alcohol-based hand gel.

Spirit distilleries across Scotland have answered the call from the NHS and care partnerships to shift production from spirits to hand sanitiser. Distilleries including Dundee’s Verdant Spirits have moved to help bolster stocks for both the NHS and care providers, but alcohol duty rates have meant that mass-production has been stalled whilst necessary funds are raised.

Mr Law said: “The last few weeks have been very challenging for many people and businesses across Scotland, but we have seen communities come together to help where they can.

“Distilleries have risen to the challenge but have hit an unnecessary roadblock which only takes money out of our health services and back into the Treasury.

“The Treasury must act as quickly as possible to help distilleries increase production of alcohol-based hand sanitiser and help assist our health services.”

Mr Law's letter follows a similar letter from the British Distiller's Alliance who have also called for similar action.

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