Lidl have launched their Scottish craft beer festival, here's everything you need to know

Scotland's craft beer scene is stronger than ever and to celebrate supermarket chain Lidl has announced the launch of its first Scottish craft beer festival.

Published 25th May 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The new ‘Isle of Ale’ Scottish Craft Beer festival will consist of 20 craft beers sourced from 13 Scottish micro-breweries.

When is it?

From the 25th May (For a limited time)

Where is it happening?

The range will be available in all 94 stores across Scotland.

How much will they cost?

The 330ml cans and bottles will cost £1.49 and the 500ml bottles will cost £1.79.

The beers

The following beers will be available during the festival in either bottle or can format, and includes lagers, pale ales, golden ales, blonde ales, IPAs, dark ales, black IPAs, and porters.

Brewery: Stewarts Brewery (Edinburgh)

Stewarts Franz Lager - 330ml can of 4% abv lager (£1.49)

Described by the Stewarts team as an "easy drinking instant classic, with a robust lager backbone".

Franz lager is brewed predominantly with Saaz hops, a traditional choice for Bohemian pilsners, and is described by Lidl as being "appealing to lager and IPA drinkers alike, it is a full tasting, crisp, sessionable lager with a modern twist".

Perfect for... those who prefer lagers to ales and are looking for something with a little more taste than your usual big brand offering.

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Stewarts Cascadian East - 330ml bottle of 5.4% abv pale ale (£1.49)

Described by the Stewarts team as "hop-charged beer bursting with character", Cascadian East is an American Pale Ale that uses German Magnum with American Cascade, Chinook and Mosaic hops.

A medium to light bodied pale ale, Cascadian East is all citrus, tropical fruits and a resinous undertone.

Perfect for... fans of big flavoured pal ales.

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Brewery: Fyne Ales Scotland (Cairndow, Argyll and Bute)

Fyne Haus Lager - 330ml bottle of 4.6% abv lager (£1.49)

An excellent lager from one of Scotland's most popular craft brewers.

The team say: "This authentically German style lager is made in a Loch Fyne Glen. Haus pours bright yellow with a citrus palate."

Perfect for... Fans of crisp, easy drinking lagers.

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Brewery: Orkney Brewery (Orkney)

Orkney Gold - 330ml bottle of 4.5% Golden Ale (£1.49)

Hailing from the north, Orkney Brewery are well known for producing quality beers and this one is no exception.

Lidl say: "The Orkney Gold, made with the finest Orcadian water, is the perfect introduction to craft beer."

Perfect for... those looking to dip their toes into Scotland's craft beer scene.

Brewery: Windswept Brewing Co (Lossiemouth)

Windswept Blonde Ale - 330ml bottle of 4% abv Blonde Ale (£1.49)

Another brewery that has been quietly making a name for themselves, their Blonde Ale is the perfect summer beer.

Lidl say: "Named exporter of the year at the 2016 Scottish beer awards, the Windswept Brewing Co. use American hops to produce this bright, crisp and fruity blonde ale."

Perfect for... chilling out on the patio on a warm day with.

Brewery: Barney's Beer (Edinburgh)

Barneys Extra Pale Ale - 330ml bottle of 4% abv Pale Ale (£1.49)

With a brewing heritage like that of the capital, it's only natural that there would be more than a few great breweries in the city.

Barney's are on a mission to create great beer and their pale ale is a no-nonsense example of the style.

Lidl says: "This light and refreshing pale ale is from the established operating brewering site in Edinburgh."

Perfect for... those looking to enjoy a classic style pale ale.

Barneys Volcano IPA - 330ml bottle of 5% abv IPA (£1.49)

Lidl says: "Barney's flagship best-selling IPA, it's clean and well balanced with transatlantic malt and hops."

Perfect for... fans of big flavoured IPAs

Brewery: The Jaw Brewery (Glasgow)

Jaw Surf - 330ml can of 4.3% abv of Pale Ale

One of Glasgow's most popular breweries, Jaw produce excellent innovative beers.

Lidl  says: "With Jaw being the old Scot word for wave, Surf is aptly named to deliver a fresh blend of New World hops for crisp and distinctive tangy flavours."

Perfect for... sharing with mates round the BBQ

Jaw Brew Fathom - 500ml bottle of 4% abv Dark Ale (£1.79)

"This multi award-winning dark ale features both speciality malts and traditional British hops, facilitating its dark richness and balance."

Perfect for... those looking for something a little heavier than some of the other lighter styles.

Brewery: Tempest Brewery (Tweedbank, Galashiels)

Tempest Pale Armadillo - 330ml bottle of 3.8% abv IPA (£1.49)

Easy drinking pale ales don't come any easier than this and that sensible abv means you won't have to feel too guilty about having one or two extra.

It's also one of Scotland's favourite craft beers and it's easy to see why.

Lidl says: "A 21st Century Session IPA with locally grown Golden Promise barley as the base.

"This fantastic ale won silver for Best Pale Ale at the Scottish Beer Awards 2016."

Perfect for...  An refreshing drinking session with friends without the threat of a high abv

WooHa Brewing (Nairn)

Wooha IPA - 330ml bottle of 6.2% abv IPA (£1.49)

All of Wooha's beers are 100% natural, vegan friendly and all immensely enjoyable to drink.

Lidl says: "Silver winner at the New York International Beer Competition 2016, this is a modern twist on a traditional IPA."

Perfect for... those who like their IPAs a little more traditional.

Brewery: Loch Lomond Brewery (Alexandria)

Bravehop Dark IPA - 500ml bottle of 6% abv Black IPA (£1.79)

Any fan of Scottish beer will have no doubt come across this excellent little brewery from the sunny shores of Loch Lomond.

Lidl says: "Pours black with a white head - a full-bodied, hop-forward beer made with American Cascade, Chinook and Columbus hops."

Perfect for... Beer geeks looking something a little bit different

Brewery: Harviestoun Brewery (Alva)

Harviestoun Red Legion Ale - 330ml bottle of 4.7% abv Amber Ale (£1.49)

Rich and fruity, red ales are the perfect alternative to the numerous pale ales and lagers popular at this time of year.

Lidl says: "This award-winning brewery established in 1983 uses fresh water from the Ochil Hills to produce this red hued ale."

Perfect for: Late night drinking by the warmth of a campfire.

St Andrews Brewing Co (St Andrews)

Scoring well on no less than three different categories for the Lidl team, the Brewing Co have the most beers on offer and it's testament to how good their products are.

St Andrews Big Red Rooster - 330ml bottle 4.5% abv Amber Ale (£1.49)

Lidl says: "Hand-brewed, bottled and labelled, the Big Red Rooster is a true labour of love.

"This hoppy red ale makes the best of Simoce and Chinook hops."

Perfect for... when you're tired of all those summery pale ales.

St Andrews Yippie IPA - 330ml bottle of 6% abv IPA (£1.49)

Lidl says: "Yippie IPA showcases the best of New Zealand hops which helped it achieve two gold stars at the BBC Great Taste Awards 2016."

Perfect for... lovers of refreshing-style IPAs

St Andrews Mocha Porter - 330ml bottle of 6% abv Porter (£1.49)

Lidl says: "A winner at the BBC Great Taste Awards 2016, the Mocha Porter is made with far sourced ingredients such as Malawi coffee and Fairtrade dark chocolate."

Perfect for... you need a beer that won't be overpowered by the strong flavours of barbecue food.

Fierce Brewery (Aberdeen)

Fierce Ginga Ninja - 330ml bottle of 5.2% abv Pale Ale (£1.49)

Lidl says: "The Ginga Ninja, from one of RateBeer's Best New Brewers 2016, features an explosion of Far-Eastern flavours with fierce undertones of ginger and lemongrass."

Perfect for... lovers of ginger beer and exotic tasting beers

Fierce Day Shift - 330ml bottle of 4.5% abv Pale Ale (£1.49)

Lidl says: "Day Shift, from one of RateBeer's Best New Brewers 2016, is a light and easy drinking American style pale ale."

Perfect for... those looking to move on from only drinking lager.

Brewery: Drygate Brewing (Glasgow)

Glasgow's hippest craft brewery and bar has created two excellent beers that are perfect for summer, come handily in can form and impressed the Lidl buying team.

Drygate Chimera IPA - 330ml can of 5.9% abv IPA (£1.49)

Lidl says: "Made with barley malt from Alloa and soft porous water from Loch Katrine, this award-winning SIBA Festival IPL is full to the brim with flavour."

Perfect for... impressing your friends with your awesome taste in craft beer

Drygate DiscoForkliftTruck - 330ml can of 5.1% abv Pale Ale (£1.49)

Lidl says: "This pale ale is bursting with mango, and is produced withspent grain from local Glaswegian bakers."

Perfect for... sharing with friends while trying to cool down in the summer heat (we're optimistic).

Paul McQuade, head of buying at Lidl in Scotland, said: “The Scottish craft beer industry is continuing to grow and we are proud to be working with some of the best breweries in Scotland. Our new ‘Isle of Ale’ event will shine the spotlight on this amazing array of beers being created across Scotland and give our customers the opportunity to experiment with some top quality beers.

"This selection is also an extension of our ongoing drive to stock more Scottish products in our stores with demand for local produce being as high as ever.”

Driven by a passion for all things drinks-related, Sean writes for The Scotsman extensively on the subject. He can also sometimes be found behind the bar at the world famous Potstill bar in Glasgow where he continues to enhance his whisky knowledge built up over 10 years advising customers from all over the world on the wonders of our national drink. Recently, his first book was published. Dubbed Gin Galore, it explores Scotland's best gins and the stories behind those that make them.
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