Innis & Gunn launch new 'health-boosting' alcohol free beer

Scottish brewing giants Innis & Gunn have launched a new alcohol-free beer with added vitamins and health boosting ingredients which they hope will prove popular for Dryanuary.

Published 3rd Jan 2017
Updated 3 rd Jan 2017

As the popularity of Dryanuary (Dry January) continues to rise, over 2 million Brits are likely to commit to healthier lifestyles and reduce their alcohol intake this month.

To complement a more fitness-focussed month, Innis & Gunn has created what they say is the first detoxing beer of its kind - alcohol-free Innis & None.

Picture: Innis & Gunn

Picture: Innis & Gunn

The brewers have created the new 0.0% abv pale ale with added ingredients such as vitamin C and ginseng, which are known to boost the immune system and improve energy levels, as well as guarana, which tests have shown can aid weight loss and enhance athletic performance.

Innis & Gunn say the new brew is the perfect way to attain a healthier mind and body after a busy and boozy Christmas period.

The beer itself has been brewed using a unique blend of hops including Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus, Magnum, Hercules and Apollo to create a zesty pale ale with big hop bitterness, resulting in all the flavour of a refreshing pale ale, but without the alcohol.

It is available in 330ml cans from 3rd January on the Innis & Gunn online shop and The Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchens in Edinburgh, Dundee and St Andrews.


Picture: Innis & Gunn

Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and master brewer at Innis & Gunn commented: “The versatility of beer excites me as a brewer. Great beer does not necessarily have to contain alcohol.

"We approached brewing Innis & None, as we do with any of our beers, using quality ingredients to produce a bold flavoursome taste.

“Taking the alcohol content down to zero is part of our belief that beer is for everyone, even those who don’t or can’t consume alcohol. I believe this pale ale stands up to the best of them. With the added Vitamin C and ginseng, you’re now also getting a boost to the immune system for the New Year.”


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