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Glasgow's Grunting Growler announce exciting event pairing craft beer with popular American cereals

Popular Glasgow craft beer shop Grunting Growler has just announced an innovative new event pairing beer with iconic American cereals.

Published: July 3, 2019

Founder Jehad Hatu, who grew up in Chicago so is well versed in American breakfast favourites, will be pairing the craft beers with a selection of  the cereals - the full list of which he is currently keeping under wraps.

The drinks specialist did confirm that guests will get to try the likes of Coco Pebbles, Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch Reece's Puffs and Trix.

Costing £17 with four beers being paired with four cereals, the pairing will take place at the Grunting Growler shop on Old Dumbarton Road on Sunday 21 July.

Speaking about the event, the craft beer expert said: "There’s no question about it, American cereal is far more superior than any other cereal in the world.

"They’re non-nutritional. Loaded with E numbers. Rank high on the sugar scale. And are just overall really tasty! I mean- what’s not to love about it?!

“I think beer is an amazing accompaniment with food. There are so many flavours, and styles of beer to choose from, plus, the carbonation lends itself well to lifting flavour to all of your different taste buds.

"However, food and drink pairings can sometime come across a bit pretentious, and even be somewhat intimidating to some people.

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"The idea behind this is just to have some good old fashioned fun. We want people to enjoy themselves, and hey, if they want, they can even learn a thing or two about pairing combinations that they can use the next time they’re out having dinner.”

• Tickets go on sale 4 July at 12 pm, and can be purchased directly from their website

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