Edinburgh Beer Factory to keep stunning ghost sign uncovered during work on new Paolozzi bar

Edinburgh Beer Factory have said they intend to keep a stunning ghost sign uncovered during work on the frontage of their new Paolozzi restaurant and bar.

Published 27th Jan 2020
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

The classic sign, which reads "surgical instrument makers", will now remain as part of the frontage of the new venue on Forrest Road.

Posting on Twitter, in response to a query from Edinburgh Spotlight, the EBF official account wrote: "It’s the city’s history, looks great and Paolozzi was all about juxtapositions and combining old and new."

They described it as a "work of art in itself " and added that it was a "very nice surprise to uncover it".

The site, which was the former bank at the junction of Lauriston Place and Forrest Road, is set to be transformed into a restaurant and bar by the popular brewer, and will be named for Scottish sculptor and artist Eduardo Paolozzi.

It's thought the sign dates back to famed surgeons instruments maker Archibald Young & Son Limited, who originally traded at that address.

The news has delighted residents and fans of the signage, with many applauding the decision.

Owner of Nonna’s Kitchen, Gino Stornaiuolo, who is partnering with EBF on the restaurant, said: “It was a brilliant surprise to uncover the ghost sign while we were working on the new restaurant frontage.

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"It’s a work of art in itself, is a great nod to the medical and scientific history of the area and Paolozzi the man was all about combining old and new. So we’ll definitely be keeping it. Call it architectural collage.“

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