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Campervan Brewery to launch Delicious? Delicious! - a collaborative beer with The Queer Brewing Project

The Leith based brewery is launching its first collaborative beer with The Queer Brewing Project on Wednesday 3 March.

Published: March 2, 2021
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The new Campervan Brewery beer, titled Delicious? Delicious! is a 5.5 % ABV dry-hopped pilsner, and a portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to their charity partner LGBT Youth Scotland.

The new Campervan Brewery beer is kicking off a series of collaborations with breweries across the UK.

Speaking of their first collaboration, Paul Gibson, founder of The Campervan Brewery said: "We’ve been waiting for some time to find the right brewery or the right project to team up with, so we were over the moon to kick off our collab series with the opportunity to work with Lily and The Queer Brewing Project.

"Supporting values of diversity and inclusivity is part of our DNA here at Campervan, so it made total sense for us and we’re very proud of the beer".

The Queer Brewing Project was founded in early 2019 to provide visibility for LGBTQ+ people in and around beer, to build a community, advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and raise money for vital LGBTQ+ charities.

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After recognising a significant lack of LGBTQ+ community in the beer world, founder Lily Waite set out to change that by working with UK-based, and then international breweries, to create space in an industry dominated by cisgender, heterosexual, male voices.

Speaking of Queer Brewing, Lily Waite said: "Our aim is to use beer as a platform and as a vehicle for social change, pushing for more representation, visibility, and community for LGBTQ+ people—both in the beer world and beyond.

"Queer Brewing is built around the values of collaboration, education, fundraising, and taking up space for LGBTQ+ people within the industry, centred on the mechanism of brewing delicious beers with a range of breweries around the world."

Part of the proceeds of the Campervan Brewery Delicious? Delicious! beer will be donated to LGBT Youth Scotland, Scotland’s national charity for LGBTI young people, working with 13–25 year olds across the country.

Delicious? Delicious!

Campervan brewery delicious delicious

The Campervan team say "This 5.5% ABV Dry Hopped Pilsner was brewed with Ella and Galaxy hops to layer apricot, peach, and passion fruit flavours over a gorgeous classic Pils."

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The beer was brewed at the end of January at the heart of Leith, in Campervan Brewery premises.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and current lockdown restrictions, Lily wasn’t able to travel up to Scotland for the brew day but both teams used their imagination to make it as collaborative and fun as it would have been in “normal” times.

The beer will be launched on Wednesday 3 March at 7pm, during an Instagram Live event with Queer Brewing founder Lily Waite and The Campervan Brewery team.

Delicious? Delicious! can be pre-order for the event on Campervan Brewery web shop.

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