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BrewDog are offering to buy everyone in France a four pack of Punk IPA

The Scottish brewers are offering free Punk IPA packs to fans in France.

Published: February 23, 2021
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BrewDog have offered to buy everyone in France a four pack of Punk IPA to "cheer them up" after a rough start to 2021.

Co-founder of BrewDog, James Watt, shared a dubbed video of himself in which the voice-over explains the giveaway in French.

He wrote: "I’m just surprised they didn’t edit a beret on my head too.

"Anyway, we’re buying everyone in France a 4-pack of Punk IPA. Because tough times call for good beer.

"Claim yours today. Merci Beaucoup!"

The French BrewDog website details the deal, with a statement from Mr Watt that roughly translated reads: "Hello, I'm James, co-founder of Brewdog! We're not going to hide it, this beginning of the year was clearly crazy.

"To cheer up the French people, I wanted to give you all a beer, but apparently in France it is illegal to give beers for free.

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"So I decided I was going to buy them directly for you. In addition, we deliver it directly to your door! Cheers! James Watt"

To claim shoppers need to register in order to receive a pre-paid four pack of Punk IPA - described as the beer that started it all - from the BrewDog France website.

This move comes after the BrewDog team gave away free packs of Lost Lager to fans in the UK last month.

Posting on their social media at the time, the Scottish brewing giants wrote: “2021 has been tough so far.

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“So, we’re giving everyone in the UK the chance to get a free 4 pack of our amazing new beer, Lost Lager.”

The new beer is a carbon negative lager and, in keeping with BrewDog’s pledge to become a carbon negative company, the brand will plant a tree in their forest for every four pack claimed.

Lost Lager is brewed using surplus bread provided by local businesses, wind power from BrewDog turbines, and the new streamlined process used in the brewing process uses a third less water.

The deal entitled fans to one free four pack, with £1.95 postage to be paid.

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