Ardbeg to release limited edition Anamorphic whisky

A new Ardbeg whisky will be released in November.

Published 26th Oct 2023
Updated 26 th Oct 2023

From November 2023, Ardbeg will launch their latest Committee exclusive whisky, Ardbeg Anamorphic.

Made using an experimental and highly extreme cask treatment process, Anamorphic comes from the mind of Dr Bill Lumsden, Ardbeg’s director of distilling and whisky creation.

For this limited edition release, the distillery embarked on a bold experiment to push the flavour boundaries of cask charring.

How Ardbeg Anamorphic was made

After removing the heads from classic Ardbeg bourbon casks, they scored them deeply to expose more wood during the toasting process.

The barrels were then charred intensely to a specification called ‘high mocha’, before being filled with Ardbeg spirit.

The result is a multidimensional dram that 'morphs and shifts' between four key elements – sweet, smoked, herbal and spicy.

Ardbeg Anamorphic

Of this latest release: Dr Bill Lumsden said “Our high mocha toasting is what’s responsible for unlocking Ardbeg’s hidden 4D flavour.

"Aromas of earthy peatiness lead into an Ardbeg from an alternate universe. Bittersweet mocha slowly emerges, while fiery chilli chocolate interlocks with floral chrysanthemum and jasmine.

"As soon as I tasted Anamorphic, I knew the Ardbeg Committee would find it as intriguing as I did. As enigmas wrapped up in conundrums go, this whisky takes Ardbeg to a whole new level.”

Anamorphic’s eye-catching packaging showcase illustrations that mirror the whisky's tasting notes, and also features some characters from the distillery community woven throughout the design.

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Price and how to buy Ardbeg Anamorphic

Bottled at 48.2% ABV, this whisky, priced at £165, is only available online for Ardbeg Committee Members, with a very limited number available to buy at the distillery on Islay.

For access to this bottling and more exclusive whiskies, invites to VIP events and news direct from the Distillery, those not already in the Committee can sign up for free at the Ardbeg website.

Ardbeg, Isle of Islay, UK
Ardbeg, Isle of Islay, UK, PA42 7EA
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