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Aldi to support local brewers with annual Scottish Beer Festival - here's what beers are on offer

The Aldi Scottish Beer Festival is back, with beers from 13 local breweries.

Published: July 2, 2020
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Aldi has launched its 21st in-store Scottish Beer Festival showcasing 30 craft beers from 13 local breweries.

Recently, the Society of Independent Brewers warned that craft breweries were being hit hard due to coronavirus lockdown measures causing them to lose a significant amount of sales to pubs and restaurants.

Kicking off in-store from Thursday 2 July the festival will take place across all 91 Aldi stores in Scotland in a deal worth £85,000 to the breweries involved.

Shoppers will have the opportunity to try a range of award-winning craft beers from breweries including Aberdeen’s Fierce Beer, Orkney’s Swannay Brewery, Glasgow’s Drygate Brewery and Edinburgh’s Brewgooder.

James Hughes, chief brand officer at Brewgooder commented: “Lockdown has been really tough for us with pubs and bars closed and the loss of a significant amount of revenue.

"Supermarket listings don’t come over night, so to be included in Aldi’s Scottish Beer Festival is a huge boost to our business and I hope Aldi customers enjoy trying the fantastic selection of brews on offer.”

From hoppy pale ales to sweet stouts and refreshing pilsners, there is sure to be something for everyone to try no matter what your taste, with bottles starting at just £1.49.

Graham Nicolson, group buying director at Aldi Scotland said: “Year after year, our Scottish Beer Festival supports and recognises the very best of Scottish craft beer and the breweries behind them.

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"We are very much looking forward to showcasing an impressive variety of premium lagers, amber ales, stouts and IPAs from 13 exceptional breweries located throughout the length and breadth of Scotland.”

“We are very proud of the strong partnerships we have built with various local breweries over the years and we know that many of them have been hit hard by lockdown measures.

"I’m pleased our customers can enjoy exploring some of the finest local craft beers Scotland has to offer while helping small breweries during these challenging times.”

The breweries 


Chilloozy, £1.49, (330ml, 3.7% ABV)
Moyo Juice, £1.49, (330ml, 3.9% ABV)

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St Andrews Brewing Co.

Pale Ale, £1.49, (330ml, 4.5% ABV)
Yippie IPA, £1.79, (330ml, 6% ABV)

Tempest Brewing

Vermont Sessions, £1.69, (330ml, 4.6% ABV)
Elemental, £1.69, (330ml, 5.1% ABV)
Long White Cloud, £1.69, (330ml, 5.4% ABV)

William Bros Brewing Co

Che Guava, £1.79 (500ml, 3.5% ABV)
Tin Man, £1.89, (500ml, 5.5% ABV)

Fierce Beer

Easy Shift, £1.49 (330ml, 4.5% ABV)
Cranachan Killer, £1,69, (330ml, 5.5% ABV)
Dirty Sanchez, £1.79, (330ml, 6.5% ABV)
Moose Mouse, £1.49, (330ml, 4.5% ABV)

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Keith Brewery

Pale Keith, £1.69, (330ml, 5.0% ABV)
Spey Valley Brewery 1814 Lager, £1.69, (330ml, 5.0% ABV)
Wat-er Peach, £1.49, (330ml, 4.5% ABV)

Swannay Brewing

Sneaky Wee Orkney, £1.69, (500ml, 4.2% ABV)

West Beer

Munich Red, £1.69, (330ml, 4.9% ABV)
Heidi-Weisse, £1.69, (330ml, 5.2% ABV)
GPA, £1.69, (330ml, 5.2% ABV)

Barney’s Beer

Marshmallow Milk Stout, £1.79, (330ml, 7.4% ABV)
Sherbet, £1.49, (330ml, 4.2% ABV)


Fire in the Disco, £1.69, (330ml, 5.1% ABV)
Camera Obscura, £1.79, (330ml, 4.8% ABV)
Rancho Rosa, £1.49, (330ml, 4.2% ABV)

Fyne Ales

Jarl, £1.69, (500ml, 3.8% ABV)
Hurricane Jack, £1.69, (500ml, 4.4% ABV)
Highlander, £1.79, (500ml, 4.8% ABV)

Six Degrees North

Wanderlust, £1.69, (330ml, 4.6% ABV)
Brevet, £1.79, (330ml, 6% ABV)

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