Thoughtful Christmas gifts to make at home

Published 16th Nov 2016
Updated 24 th Nov 2016

Make yourself a merry little Christmas

Rustic tin candle holder


A clean tin can with a cute pattern cut or punched into it or even a printed biscuit or tea tin can make a delightful rustic candle holder.

If cutting a pattern into the tin, you’ll need sharp fabric scissors, sharp nails and a hammer, cardboard to use as a stencil and a pencil.

Embellish with ribbon or twine, paint or even decoupage with pressed flowers and PVA glue.

Check out the guide on www.pure


Origami bookmarks

With some good quality card and a YouTube tutorial you can create these cute origami bookmarks - a perfect extra to throw in with this year’s best seller.


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Thyme and Witch Hazel soap



Beautful handmade soap is a delightful way to show you care. Infuse with your favourite herbs for a unique scent.
We love the Thyme and Witch Hazel recipe from the Soap Queen. -and-body-tutorials/cold-process-soap/guest-post/


Lavender sugar scrub


Onion Bhaji baubles are the festive trend for curry fans this Christmas

Sugar scrubs are a great body treatment designed to soften and exfoliate the skin - and you can make them at home! Presented in a mason jar with some lace and ribbon they also make a great gift.

Make your own lavender sugar scrub in less than five minutes by combining organic coconut oil, sugar and lavender oil in a bowl before spooning into your mason jar. A couple of sprigs of fresh lavender tied to the jar with some ribbon or lace will finish it off.


Deconstructed cookie jar


Get all the ingredients for your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and pour them - one layer at a time - into a mason jar.
Dress with ribbon. A pretty, delicious and fun gift in five minutes flat.

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Vintage diary

With some spray adhesive and a bolt of fabric or old wallpaper give a new diary or journal for 2017 a vintage feel.


Spray the diary sleeve and spine with a thin layer of adhesive, Cover with fabric, and press down.

Ensure excess fabric along outside edges to fold inside the cover, cutting slits in line with the edges of the spine. Apply a thin layer of glue to the flaps with a glue gun and close up the book.

Weigh down on a flat table with a larger book until dry.



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