Christmas gift ideas for craft beer lovers

Beer expert and writer Siobhan Hewison provides some inspiration for those looking for Christmas gift ideas for craft beer lovers.

Published 6th Dec 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Sure, you could treat your craft beer-addicted loved one to the usual gifts like a pack of beers, a cool bottle opener, or a swanky set of glasses. However, there are many more creative and thoughtful options out there. Here we look at some that any discerning beer drinker would love.

1. A beer and food pairing evening - but at home

Host your own classy beer and food pairing evening, with a gift box from the likes of Meatbox or Carnivore Club, some beers from your local bottle shop, and some breads and cheeses.

A tasty beer themed sauce might be in order. Picture: Amazon

Add some premium condiments like Adnam’s beer chutney, this Canadian maple syrup and beer BBQ sauce,
Brighton Hot Stuff’s Citra-hopped hot sauce, or Stewart Brewing’s mustard with beer and honey for a deliciously decadent night in.

2. Something to support your local brewery

How about treating your loved one to a tour of one of your local breweries (such as Jaw Brew in Glasgow, Barney’s in Edinburgh, 71 in Dundee, or Brew Toon just outside of Aberdeen)?

Why not buy some merch from your local brewery? Picture: Pilot Brewing

Alternatively, you could get a swanky piece of merch, like one of these tote bags from Drygate, a sweatshirt from Pilot, or a t-shirt from Fierce. You could also check if a brewery near you is crowdfunding, as the perks for donating to campaigns tend to be pretty awesome (like the ones
that Campervan in Edinburgh have at the moment to fund their community taproom).

3. A beer game

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone hates Monopoly. If your family is the board/card game-loving type, crack open a new game which beer and non-beer lovers alike will enjoy (no, we don’t mean ‘drinking games’).

If you’re after a fun mini-game, go for Hip Hops, a strategic card game you can take anywhere with you. For the more serious board gamers, Brew Crafters, where each player assumes management of a craft brewery, comes highly recommended.

4. A book about beer

There are loads of great books about beer out there, not just about the art of brewing or about specific beer styles. For a fun and informative read, go for Richard Croasdale’s Craft Beer Dictionary.

What could be more fun than combining beer with food? Picture: SM

If your beer-loving beau is also a bit of a foodie, Melissa Cole’s latest book The Beer Kitchen will suit. For the craft beer connoisseur, Mark Dredge’s Beer Bucket List is full of ideas for the best beer experiences the world over.

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Hoppy Christmas, and a beery New Year!

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Siobhan Hewison is a freelance beer and travel writer based in Edinburgh, who goes by the moniker British Beer Girl. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter - @britishbeergirl - or in one of Leith's many excellent pubs.
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