These are the best and worst supermarket roast potatoes available for Christmas

No Christmas meal would be complete without the company of some good roast potatoes.

Published 16th Dec 2020
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Good crispy roast potatoes, with a golden brown shell, and fluffy inside, are essentials on the plate this Christmas.

Lucky for you, supermarkets across the UK have a fine selection of ‘ready to roast’ potatoes that will be the perfect accompaniment to your meal this holiday period.

Here we rank the best and worst supermarket roast potatoes available for Christmas 2020.

Tesco’s Finest Goose Fat Roast Potatoes - £2

supermarket roast potatoes

The best of the bunch, and those looking for a quality roastie to accompany their meal should look no further that Tesco’s Finest.

Easy to cook, and only requiring a flip on the tray halfway through cooking.

The finish saw a potato with a gorgeous chard crunchy shell, a beautifully fluffy inside, and was so tempting I added some extra butter just for fun. 5/5

Morrisons Roast Potatoes - £1.75

supermarket roast potatoes

Morrisons almost had the perfect roast potato offering. Easy to cook, and arriving in an oven proof dish, however, they did 50 minutes to cook.

The finish was crispy, but not crunchy enough to please hardened roastie fanatics. A nice fluffy finish inside would be a lovely accompaniment to any Christmas meal. 4/5

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M&S Maris Piper roast potatoes with beef dripping - £2.50


Despite the fiddly ovenproof dish, the M&S offering was easy to cook.

Once cooked they looked great, complete with a signature crisp golden finish, and a fluffy potato inside.

Readers should note that you need to decant the potatoes and cover in the dripping during cooking. 4/5

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Lidl Maris piper goose fat potatoes - £1.99

What they lose in taste, they make up for in size. Those looking for good sized potatoes should look no further than Lidl’s piper goose fat.

Preparation was a little fiddly, once again having to stir in fat and butter during the cooking. Once finished they lacked the crispy, golden look of others. 3/5

Waitrose Roast potatoes with butter - £2.50

supermarket roast potatoes

Those looking for a good offering of tatties, well Waitrose will provide a good amount.

Coming in an oven proof dish, they arrive with additional butter to melt over.

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Once cooked they looked golden and crispy, although not as fluffy as I would have liked. 3/5

Asda Extra Special Goose fat roast potatoes with butter and rosemary - £2.65

No decanting necessary, and you get the option to add some extra butter and rosemary halfway through.

This made all the difference. The finished product was the most crispy potato tasted, and a wonderfully fluffy inside. 4/5

Iceland roast potatoes - £1

I was hoping for a bit more from Iceland’s addition to the market, but I finished disappointed.

Easy to cook, going straight on to the oven tray, however the finish was a unfluffy, soft outside tattie. 1/5

Words - Iain Leggat

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