These are the best and worst supermarket proseccos available for Christmas

A (generally) cheaper alternative to champagne and the perfect Christmas tipple, prosecco has seen a boon in popularity over the past few years.

Published 8th Dec 2020
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The big UK supermarket chains all offer their own proseccos - though some are tastier than others.

A good prosecco will be fizzy, light in the mouth, sweet - but not cloying - and will often have subtle fruity or citrus flavours.

These are the big supermarket proseccos ranked from worst to best - so you can have the best budget fizz on your Christmas table this year. 

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco - £8

supermarket processos

Picture: Sainsbury's

This was the best prosecco offer of all the big supermarkets: sweet but not too cloying, this light-in-colour wine has light, spritzy bubbles and fresh, zesty notes.

It’s smooth, easy to drink and would be perfect as an aperitif for your (virtual) Christmas parties. 4.5/5

Waitrose San Leo Prosecco Brut NV D.O.C. - £9.99

This is an easy-to-drink glass with spritzy bubbles that don’t overpower the palette.

It’s light and subtly sweet without being overly sugary - though the downfall here is that there’s a slight lack of complex flavour; the fruity notes are perhaps too subtle here. 

Would make an ideal aperitif or base for a Christmas day bellini - just add peach juice! 4/5 

Morrisons The Best Valdobbiadene Prosecco - £8

Picture: Morrisons

Striking a good balance between sweet and dry - though leaning further towards dry - this prosecco is fairly light in the mouth and bubbly, though does leave a slight aftertaste that bumps it down the scale. 

This a glass that would pair well with Chinese food or baked seabass. 3.5/5 

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Asda Extra Special English Sparkling Brut - £15

This a crisp glass with pleasant, fleeting bubbles that don’t linger too long on the palette.

It would be a good prosecco for first-timers to the wine, though the apple notes in this glass threaten to overpower the overall taste, with a noticeable aroma before even tasting. 3.5/5 

Iceland Dandelione Prosecco - £7

supermarket proseccos

Picture: Iceland

This extra dry prosecco is a good bargain - and the bottle gives away no clues that it comes from a budget supermarket.

It’s less fizzy than the other supermarket offerings, and subtly sweet; its “extra dry” label is perhaps slightly misleading for non wine buffs.

It’s a glass with a fairly neutral flavour, though there are subtle fruity notes apparent here. 3.5/5 

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M&S Limited Edition Oro Prosecco - £10

Picture: M&S

For an ‘upmarket’ supermarket prosecco, M&S’s offering was slightly disappointing, with zesty notes leaving an almost acidic aftertaste in the mouth.

In spite of this, and of very lively bubbles, however, this remained a relatively smooth glass which would compliment party food or work well as an aperitif. 3/5

Tesco Finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg - £8

The experience of this glass didn’t quite match the others; it was overly sweet and cloying, with peach notes making for a somewhat sickly taste overall. 

This is a prosecco that would be better paired with a dessert, and would be harder to drink alone as an aperitif. 2/5

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