Can you cook Christmas dinner in an air fryer? Tips and TikTok hacks including cinnamon rolls and Yorkshire puddings

It has become the kitchen appliance of 2023, but can you cook Christmas dinner and festive treats in an air fryer?

Published 11th Dec 2023
Updated 11 th Dec 2023

The popularity of air fryers shows no sign of slowing down in the UK, which leads to the question, can you cook an entire Christmas dinner using one?

It could be cheaper than having your oven on all day, and it's healthier than deep frying.

Here we take a look at some top tips, recipes and trending ways to use your air fryer this Christmas.

From cooking the turkey to making crispy roast potatoes and sweet treats like cinnamon rolls.

Can you cook a Christmas dinner in an air fryer?

The short answer is yes. Tefal have shared some recipes on how to make a Christmas dinner for eight people using their Easy Fry Dual Air Fryer & Grill (£199.99 available online).

This recipe will produce delicious, crispy roast potatoes in just 30 minutes in one simple, easy step, plus how to roast a 2.4kg turkey crown in less than two hours.

The team at Tefal said: "With little to no pre-heat time and a more compact cooking space, cooking meals such as Christmas dinner in an air fryer can save you up to 70% on energy costs vs a conventional oven, whether it’s air frying your turkey crown or grilling your pigs in blankets.

"And it’s not just the main event. Air fryers can also be used to reheat as well as cook – whether it be leftovers on Boxing Day or flaky pastries to go alongside your Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning."

cook Christmas dinner in an air fryer
Picture: Tefal

How to cook Christmas dinner in an air fryer

 ElementTime to cook in EasyFry 3in1 (mins) Temperature Method
Turkey crown (2.4kg feeds 8 people), baste with stock every 30 minutes1 hour 50 minutes180˚CPlace the turkey crown in the large drawer (1) Cook for the first 35 minutes without tin foil to brown the skin, then cover with tin foil for the remaining 75 minutes
Roasted honey parsnips (fresh)22 minutes180˚CIn the smaller drawer (2) one after the other, roast the parsnips, brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, mini pigs in blankets & stuffing balls
Roasted honey parsnips (frozen)35 minutes180˚C
Lightly salted brussels sprouts (whole & fresh)15 minutes180˚C
Mini pigs in blankets & stuffing balls10 minutes180˚C
Roast potatoes30 minutes200˚C
 5 minutes160˚CThe accompaniments will all roughly finish cooking around the same time, but take out the turkey crown to rest and reheat all of the vegetables in the larger drawer (1)

Author, Nathan Anthony, who will release his cook book Bored of Lunch Healthy Slow Cooker: Even Easier in January, cooked a full Christmas dinner on This Morning.

Christmas air fryer TikTok trends

New data by Raffolux, a digital raffle operator, reveals the most popular Christmas air fryer food on TikTok as air fryer views spiked 96% in just 30 days on the platform.

The best and worst supermarket Christmas puddings - including Asda Extra Special 6 month matured jewelled topped Christmas pudding and Tesco Finest 12 month matured Christmas pudding

The study comes as the digital raffle operator noticed a significant increase in airfryer popularity on TikTok, with #airfryer view counts spiking by 96% equating to a total of 8 million views in the last 30 days alone.

Examining break-out trends, TikTok searches for ‘Christmas food’ spiked 241% in just 30 days, and a whopping 11,300% since last year on the platform, with views for #airfyerchristmas currently standing at 1.3 million.

Analysing global view increases in the last seven days on TikTok, baked brie has had over seven million views, with the traditional Christmas turkey racking up an incredible two million views in the past week.

Looking at the most popular, based on total views and increases in seven days, cinnamon rolls take the sweet spot at 100% increase, closely followed by the less traditionally festive churros at 99%. 

The most popular festive-inspired air fryer food, according to TikTok trends

Air fryer cinnamon rolls

According to the study, TikTokers simply can’t get enough of these sweet frosted swirls.

The best and worst supermarket mince pies for Christmas 2023 - including Marks & Spencer’s Classic and Tesco Finest Frangipane Mince Pie

Cinnamon rolls are a classic comfort food that's perfect for any time of year, but they're especially popular during Christmas, as the sweet spiciness of cinnamon is synonymous with the festive season.

Find a recipe here.

Air fryer churros

A favourite among Christmas market goers, the tasty dessert is raking in the views on TikTok with 14,000 views in the past week and 317K views in 30 days, representing a 99% increase overall.

The dessert might have hailed from Spain, but it's making waves overseas too with the majority of TikTok views coming from Iceland, Ireland and the UK. 

Find a recipe here.

The best and worst supermarket stollens available for Christmas - including Lidl Favorina Finest marzipan stollen and Waitrose No.1 Our Ultimate Stollen

Air fryer Yorkshire Puddings

The concept of Yorkshire Puddings frequently has TikTok divided, with many US users simply not understanding what they are.

But according to the data, air-fried Yorkshire puddings will be on many Christmas dinner plates this year, with a 98% increase in views in the last seven days.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of views come from the UK, with Iceland, Denmark and Luxembourg looking for inspiration around this Sunday dinner staple. 

Find a recipe here.

Air fryer roast potatoes

There’s nothing better than the allure of a roast potato, and for many, it's the crowning glory of the Christmas dinner.

According to the study, #airfryerpotatoes have had a whopping 2 million views in the past week, with many TikTokers taking to the platform to share their recipes to help save oven space on the big day. 

Find a recipe here.

Air fryer festive gammon 

The festive ham is a popular Christmas dish in many countries and is often served on Christmas day as an accompaniment or alternative to a traditional turkey.

Air fryers are making it even more popular. The study found that #airfryergammon has had over 678,000 views in the past week on TikTok, representing an 86% increase overall.

Find a recipe here.

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