Successful café relaunch is latest milestone for Gorgie City Farm revival

A much-loved Edinburgh attraction, Gorgie City Farm has grown from strength to strength since being under threat of closure last year.

Published 5th Jul 2017
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Having launched a major crowdfunding drive in April last year, and securing the £100,000 it required to stay open, the farm now firmly has its eyes set on the future.

Recently expanding its operation, thanks to huge support from residents around Scotland and beyond, the farm reached its latest milestone by reopening its café, which ­originally closed 16 months ago due to the uncertainty surrounding the charity’s survival.

Gorgie City Farm
Joanna Cherry QC MP tries out the new café. Picture: Gorgie City Farm

At a ceremony on Friday, in which local councillor Donald Wilson helped cut the ribbon, the café finally reopened its doors to the public, to much celebration from Edinburgh residents.

Historically a favourite amongst local people and visitors alike, the café was a casualty of the rising costs and decrease in funding the farm faced last year.

It will initially reopen six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday, with a ­selection of tea, coffee, cakes and ­other snacks, but it will expand its menu ­further over the year as ­it brings in more and more visitors.
The longer-term goal is to begin to re-incorporate products produced on the farm to allow visitors to walk the food chain, completing the cycle of farm to fork.

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Josiah Lockhart, chief executive of Gorgie City Farm, said: “The café reopening is a huge milestone for the farm and a sign that farm is thriving again thanks to the support from the community.

“The café has been rebuilt on a more sustainable model and we’re looking forward to growing its offering as ­customers frequent it over the year.”

Lockhart added that the charity’s sustainable business model would allow the popular city attraction to be “enjoyed for ­generations to come”.

Joanna Cherry, SNP MP for ­Edinburgh South West, has been a big
supporter of the farm and attended the opening.

She said: “I was delighted to be ­invited to the official opening of ­Gorgie City Farm Café last week.

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“Congratulations are due to all the wonderful staff and volunteers who make it such a special place.”

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