Industry experts give their tips on buying, preparing and eating seafood

Seafood Week is back on the menu this October (7th to 14th), so we’ve asked eight people who are passionate about all things seafood, to share their secrets when it comes to buying, preparing and eating seafood.

Published 10th Oct 2016
Updated 12 th Oct 2016

Spearheaded by Seafish, the UK industry authority on seafood, Seafood Week 2016 aims to encourage people to buy, cook and taste seafood more often.

To help those living in the UK try new species and inspire more seafood action in the kitchen, these culinary ambassadors have shared their top fish tips.

1. Try a new way of cooking - Calum Richardson

(Chef and owner of The Bay Fish and Chip shop in Stonehaven, has been in the seafood industry for 19 years.)


Calum says: “Grilling fish is the most popular cooking method, as it is easy and seals in the flavour. Baking or poaching also keeps your fish moist and tender and are equally as easy - they can be healthier too.

“Personally, I like to do something different and would recommend barbecuing a whole fish.”

2. Think like a fishmonger - Crawford Ewing

(Ewing's is the oldest fishmonger in Ireland. It was established in 1911 and has been supplying the people of Belfast with the finest seafood for over 100 years.)


“When selecting the best fish, think like a fishmonger and use your senses.

“It’s very simple. The fish should look alive and shiny, while the gills should be deep red and the eyes should be bright. Most importantly, the fish should smell fresh – just like the sea”

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3. Look for alternative species - Gareth Horner

(Gareth is the third generation to run the family business E Rawle & Co Fishmongers in Newquay.)


“My favourite fish is a soft fleshed flatfish called megrim. Megrim comes from the same family as lemon sole and has a very similar sweet flavour. It’s the perfect choice for a family meal because its great value for money, and extremely sustainable.

“I suggest asking your fishmonger to fillet the fish for you and then pan frying the fillet in lemon and parsley butter for a delicious dish.”

4. Old favourites are the best - Harry Simper

(Owns and runs his own boat in Suffolk, the Silver Harvest. Harry won Fishing News: Young Fisherman of the Year award and is committed to fishing sustainably for high quality produce.)

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“Dover Sole is personally my favourite fish. It’s so full of flavour and is extremely easy to cook.”

“One of my Grandma’s favourite old recipes is roasted dover sole with mixed vegetables. Begin by preparing your vegetables in a large dish, gently coating in oil and seasoning.

“Cook until the veg is half way done and then place the dover sole on the top. Continue cooking until the fish is ready, and voila!

5. Try oysters in months with an ‘R’ - Dan Smith

(Worked as a chef in Solihull for 4 years, now advises Kingfisher’s Midlands’ customers on daily specials and what’s in season.)

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“Try oysters in months with an R in them – this isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Wild oysters reproduce during the summer months, from May through to August, and this can sometimes affect their flavour and texture.”

6. Try Perfect potted shrimp - Andrew Lanigan

(The third generation running Lanigans fishmongers in Lytham. The fishmonger is known as the plaice to go in the North East.)


“I love our locally-landed Lytham shrimp - you can taste the freshness! I always recommend potting them in butter with cayenne pepper and mace.

“Potted shrimps are a delicate, British classic that are best left in the fridge overnight and served the next day with lots of hot toast.”

7. Get kids cooking with fish - Robert Latimer

(Robert has run Latimers Seafood Deli and Café in Whitburn since 2002. They are a family run fishmongers that pride themselves on the quality and freshness of their fish and shellfish.)


“Get children involved with cooking fish early on by making home-made fish fingers with whiting, or lemon sole.”

“Simply choose your favourite fish and ask your fishmonger to skin and bone it for you. Coat your fish with egg and breadcrumbs and grill, fry or bake. Perfect in a sandwich, or with oven roasted chips and mushy peas”

8. Try crab - Mandy Walters

(Cardigan Bay Fish is a family business. Len Walters and his son, Aaron, are at the helm of the fishing boat, while Mandy Walters is behind their market stall in the village of St Dogmaels, selling the family’s catch.)


“Crab is generally in season from April to November and is best eaten immediately. Simply boil and serve with mayonnaise or a Mediterranean-style stew full of garlic and tomatoes.

“Crab is the most versatile seafood and the succulent meat is full of flavour, it doesn’t take much to make a masterful dish with it.”

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