Pizza Magic has been a mainstay of Glasgow's Hyndland Road in the west end for years and now owner Marco Stevenson has big plans for the future.

Marco hopes to expand his takeaway pizza place into a sit down pizzeria by extending into the neighbouring shop – the former Tabak newsagent – that shut its doors earlier this year.

Plans for Marco’s 120 seater restaurant, which includes al fresco style seating that will overlook the newly developed Old Station Park, were lodged in May.


Picture: Pizza Magic Facebook

Speaking to Glasgow West End Today he said: “I really care about Hyndland and this area – it is a special place to me and I want to give something back. I think the restaurant would be a real asset to people living here, sitting where it does.”

“It could be enjoyed by people using the park with children – and with dogs. I really want it to be a place where people come to chat and meet and enjoy the area.”

Since putting forward his plans for expansion last month, the reaction from the community including Friends of Old Station Park and the Friends of Glasgow West has been encouraging.


Picture: Friends of Old Station Park Facebook

Marco says: “I have been really touched by the feedback I’ve had from the local community. I think people can see what I am trying to do – and how I care about the area.”


“Old Station Park has improved so much in recent years through the work of the Friends. Having family and friends and diners generally so close will make the park a safer and friendlier place.”


Picture: Glasgow West End Today

Marco hopes the expansion, if it goes ahead, will bring more activity to the area and make the park a more welcoming place for families throughout the day. And for anyone wanting to see the plans, Marco has them displayed in Pizza Magic

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