Premium Scots chocolate brand COCO teams up with Glasgow's Timorous Beasties to create two new limited edition bars

A premium Edinburgh-based chocolate brand has teamed up with a popular Glasgow textile studio to create two new limited edition bars launching in the new year. 

Published 18th Dec 2019
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Ethical chocolate maker COCO - The Art of Chocolate will work with Timorous Beasties on the design of the packaging for the bars, as part of its desire to envelop its chocolates in designs by "established and emerging artists from all over the world".

Calum Haggerty, director at COCO, said he believes this is the kind of project that places COCO at the "forefront of Scotland’s contemporary food & drink scene" he said: "I’m very pleased with the results of this collaboration. We have worked with several international artists over the years, but there is something special about joining forces with another creative Scottish brand that shares our passion for innovation in art, in the way Timorous Beasties do."

Alistair McAuley of Timorous Beasties said the collaboration was very straight forward, COCO has an ethos that I suppose you could compare to ours: in matters of originality and producing a good quality product, in small batches. Clearly their ingredients are not for everyone, which is the same for our products. Our products are not for everyone”.

COCO, which sources the finest South American chocolate from Colombia to be used in their Edinburgh kitchen, said the new bars will come in two flavours, Isle of Skye Sea Salt and lime and Rose and Black Pepper.

The team of chocolatiers added they will be released on 18 January 2020 and will be available to purchase for £6 each from 

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