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Graham’s butter up Danes to help secure Scottish football victory

Scottish dairy Graham's are hoping to secure a victory on the pitch for Scotland - as well as in the butter market - by challenging their Danish rivals.

Published: March 29, 2016
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It might be just a friendly, but steps are apparently being taken to make sure that Scotland has the home advantage ahead of their tie with Denmark tonight (26th March) at Hampden Park.

In a cheeky bid to make Danish keeper Kasper Schmeichel a Butterfingers, Graham's The Family Dairy are hoping their special bumper pack of butter is delivered straight into his hands ahead of the game.

The 3ft x 2ft box – designed to look like a block of the number one dairy’s butter and containing 30 packs of Graham’s award-winning butter - was delivered to Hampden Park this morning, alongside a pair of pre-greased goalie gloves, smothered in Graham’s spreadable butter.

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The note attached said: "Dear Mr Schmeichel, Welcome to Scotland! Please get your hands all over Scotland’s finest and freshest butter ahead of tomorrow night’s match. We hope you get absolutely covered in it for the ball flying towards you tomorrow night. All the best, Graham’s The Family Dairy".

The cheeky delivery plays on fierce competition between long-term butter rivals, Graham’s and Lurpak. Staggeringly, 96 per cent of spreadable butter sold in Scotland is not produced here, with Graham’s major competitor Lurpak churned in Denmark, before being distributed overseas.

With their spreadable butter being the fastest growing Scottish brand in Scotland last year, Graham’s have a real sporting chance of claiming more of the spreadable butter market in Scotland this year.

Robert Graham, Managing Director of Graham’s The Family Dairy said: “Last time Scotland faced the Danes, they beat us with only one goal in it, so we’re just buttering them up to tip the scales in our favour this time.

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"I know Schmeichel’s more used to a penalty box than a butter box, but we hope he’ll see the funny side to our surprise gift… and enjoys our butter so much that his gloves are absolutely covered in it when the ball flies towards him tonight. We hope the team enjoy what is the freshest of Scottish butter, given it’s produced at our family farm in Bridge of Allan and doesn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get to Scottish breakfast tables.

"Scottish butter accounts for only 4 per cent of butter sales in Scotland, compared to 70 per cent Danish, which is something we’d like to see change. But there needs to be a joint commitment from consumers and retailers to help make that happen.

"Our butter is in a different league than our Danish rivals’ efforts and we hope by the time the transfer window rolls around, we’ll see consumers across Scotland swapping foreign butter brands for home-produced butter, supporting local farmers and producers and eating the freshest products they can.”

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