Glasgow's vegan answer to the Big Mac to return for Valentines event

Glasgow's hugely popular vegan alternative to the Big Mac is returning to the city for a special event next month. 

Published 28th Jan 2019
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Featuring patties from Sgaia's Vegan Meats and the patented Durty Mac sauce, the V-Mac is being brought back for the next Durty Vegan Burger Club event at Cùl Cùil on West Nile Street on the 17th of February.

vegan Big Mac

Run by chefs Jonathan "Mac" Mackle and Danny "Mad Chef" McLaren, the Durty vegan burger club is an exciting new vegan fast food brand that aims to take vegan food to a whole new level.

The pair posted the event on Facebook and wrote: "If you're vegan, veggie or just want to see that you don't need meat to enjoy a filthy, hedonistic burger experience, come down."

Other dishes served on the day will include mac n cheese, fully loaded 'Durty fries' and Buckfast jelly.

Excited to be bringing the popular burger back, Mackle said: "Being ethically opposed to the meat and dairy industries does not make you diametrically opposed to craving a big filthy burger - the kind you spend all day thinking about when you're trapped at work, the kind you need.

"This is not eating for sustenance, this is food as indulgence, as happy making, this is food that puts a smile on your face and several napkins in your hand. The kind of food your stomach overrules your brain for after a couple of pints. With D.V.B.C, Danny and I are wanting to bring completely ethical, guilt free food porn to Glasgow."

• Priced at £24 for a three-course meal, tickets can be bought here

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