Edinburgh entrepreneurs churning out sought-after Scottish butter announce listing with top London restaurant Bibendum

A recently launched Edinburgh-based butter company that's taking the food scene by storm has just announced it is set to supply one of London's top restaurants.

Published 19th Sep 2019
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The Edinburgh Butter Co. has secured a listing with Bibendum, the iconic two Michelin-star restaurant headed up by highly influential French chef Claude Bosi.

Sending their first delivery down this week, founders Nick and Hilary Sinclair have already supplied their cultured butters to some of Edinburgh's top restaurants and delis, and now it seems that London has begun to take notice.

Bibendum is one of London's top restaurants. Picture: TripAdvisor

Though they've also previously provided their products to the The Balmoral, this is the first time they'll be supplying a Michelin star restaurant.

Nick said: "We are really excited to announce that The Edinburgh Butter Co will be supplying our signature Cultured Butter to Claude Bosi at Bibendum in London.

"Not only does this represent our first client outside of Scotland but also our first Michelin star restaurant, two stars at that. It’s exciting that such a respected chef has chosen our butter to serve to his diners.

"We always say all great meals start with great bread and butter. It’s why we put so much time, effort and love into every batch of butter we produce."

The small firm, which has grown from producing 0kg a week to around 110kg in just over a year, seems to be growing from strength to strength, showcasing the appeal of Scottish products on the UK stage.

Nick added: "Its an exciting time for us right now and due to get even more interesting as we release new products and take on more hotels, restaurants, cafes and delis of exceptionally high quality."

The Edinburgh entrepreneurs churning out butter that’s taking the capital's food scene by storm

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