Edinburgh based bakery to let customers choose their team with a battle of the English and Swedish cakes

Inspired by the imminent England v Sweden World Cup clash this weekend, an Edinburgh based artisan bakery and patisserie is going to stage its very own Scandinavian/Anglo battle of the cakes, by showcasing its Swedish Bundt cakes and its very traditional, and very English, bread and butter pudding slices.

Published 7th Jul 2018
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The Manna House Bakery, which has bakeries in Easter Road and South Queensferry, is known for its very wide-ranging selection of cakes, breads and pastries from all corners of the globe.

Along with traditional French patisseries products such as croissants, Pain au Chocolate, Opera cakes and macaroons- the mainstay of any patisserie worth its salt (or flour)  - Manna House gives customers many inspirations with Italian Orange Polenta cake, Portuguese Custard tarts and Red Velvet cake, Brownies and Carrot Cake from the US.

It has even developed what is traditionally served as a classic English pudding - bread and butter pudding - into a sliced cake which can enjoyed with a nice cup of tea or coffee, whilst its Swedish Bundt cakes, baked in their distinctive round tins, are flavoured with blueberry and lemon, although traditional Bundt cakes are traditionally flavoured with almond and can also be glazed with icing.

“Bring on the battle of the cakes this weekend,” said third generation Baker and owner Drew Massie, “It’s a bit of fun to distract us from the fact Scotland have not been involved.  Let’s say we are looking at Brazilian pasty recipes if it’s a Brazil England final as pundits are predicting.”

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