A Glasgwegian's plea for people to buy Mother's Pride plain Scottish loaf has gone viral after he revealed the iconic brand was under threat.

The bread brand has been a favourite of Scottish families fro decades and Glasgow DJ Kodie Blak decided to raise awareness that the makers of the plain loaf were under threat with production being reduced to just one factory in Glasgow.

The post has been shared nearly 18,000 times and prompted concern among Scottish Facebook users.

Kodi posted: “Save the Plain loaf of bread. You know it makes sense.”

One user responded: “The plain loaf is almost pan breed. Mother please help!”

Picture: Wikimedia

Picture: Wikimedia

While others pledged to go out and buy the loaf the next time they went shopping.

Hovis, which produces the much-loved brand, said it had no plans to stop producing it.

A spokeswoman for the firm told the BBC: “We know that Mothers Pride has a very loyal consumer base who are passionate about the Scottish batch loaf.

“We do love and appreciate the strong response of support we’ve seen from Scottish consumers.”

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