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Aldi and Lidl start Twitter war but M&S joins in and steals the show

Two supermarket giants went head to head on Twitter last week, but it was a surprise entrant who stole the show.

Published: August 10, 2017
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The phrase "supermarket wars" is usually used to describe the battle to attract the most customers and usually involves using price as a weapon, however, last week two UK supermarket brands engaged in a very different kind of war.

It all began when a Twitter user took to the social media site to pose what she must have assumed was an innocent question:

Little did she know she was about to start a flame war between the two well-known supermarket chains. Aldi were the first to respond.

But Lidl weren't going to take it lying down.

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Twitter users watched on in amazement as the two continued to use gifs to try and get the better of each other.

When online retailer Monster Shop's social media team got involved, they dragged in two more supermarkets with unexpected results.

The M&S Twitter account waded in with their take on a popular Spongebob meme.

And when Waitrose tried to join in, the M&S team were taking no prisoners with their response.

Eventually, Aldi decided to lay down arms and offer the arm of friendship.


Twitter users were united in their praise for the social media teams involved.

But most agreed that M&S were the real winners.

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