Video: World haggis eating champion regains title after eating a whole haggis in 'just 70 seconds'

A five-time haggis eating world champion has fought to reclaim his crown after scoffing a whole haggis in just 70 seconds.

Published 30th Aug 2017
Updated 11 th Oct 2023

Lee Goodfellow, 25, secured the title once again while competing in the World Haggis Eating Championships - after losing out on it last year.

Lee Goodfellow at the World Haggis Eating Championships in Birnam, Perthshire. Picture: SWNS

Held in Birnam, Perthshire, the annual event sees 20 competitors from all around the world take part to see who can devour Scotland's national delicacy the fastest.

Competitors have to eat a 1lb haggis in the shortest amount of time, with judges on hand to make sure there is no cheating.
Lee, who has a knack for speedy eating, has taken the title for the fifth time but struggled to beat his world haggis munching record of 47 seconds.

The Active Schools Coordinator at Leith High School in Edinburgh said: "I am delighted to have the title back again.

"The competition is just a nice way to end a day at the games."
Lee, who has been taking part in the competition since he was 18, has been travelling around the Highland games circuit for 12 years and goes to Birnam every year.

He said: "I am a sprinter so I go round the games taking part in the 100m and 200m sprints.

"I am well known among the games committee and I think there are a few people in the crowd who remember me from year to year.

"I don't do anything to prepare for it - it's just a laugh. I just jump in and do it."

Lee said he has never seen anything like the competition at other games around the country.

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He said: "I have never heard of anything else like it.

"A lot of the games have daft competitions and things they do but I can't think of anywhere I have seen an eating competition like it."

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