Wetherspoons served a man the most pathetic cheesy chips ever at Edinburgh Airport

Cheesy chips are the guilty pleasure of many a food fan, but one connoisseur said they were left “raging” after a branch of Wetherspoons served them a sorry excuse for the dish.

Published 11th Jan 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Angus Scott was expecting good things when he ordered his meal at Edinburgh Airport, but was flabbergasted when he was presented with a single slice of unmelted cheese on his chips.

“Kids are all crying,” he joked on Twitter. “Pint’s been thrown. The Mrs has been arrested. Raging.”

Chips and cheese gone viral

Scott’s tweet has racked up four thousand retweets and over 29 thousand likes, and inspired fellow users to share their own Wetherspoons food horror stories, from a pathetic cheesy garlic bread, to this unappealing avocado and chips.

‘It still got scranned’

Some have been questioning the authenticity of the tweet, with loyal customers arguing that the plate featured in the image is “not even a Wetherspoons plate”.

“Which Wetherspoons did this not happen in please?” asked one user, while another wrote, “Twitter has reached the stage where people are taking slices of cheese to the pub with them in order to gain retweets.”


“It was Edinburgh Airport so how could I smuggle in cheese to frame it?” Scott told LADbible.

Award-winning Skye restaurant named in world's top 1000

“It still got scranned,” he confirmed on Twitter.

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