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Video: Young food blogger goes viral after she devours Full English breakfast for five

A young food blogger has gone viral after she took on and conquered a supersized Full English breakfast - big enough to feed five people.

Published: November 5, 2018
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Social media star Kate Ovens munched her way through a giant platter filled with five portions of fried breakfast - including all the morning favourites.

Katie Ovens

One of the five Englash Breakfasts that Katie devoured. Picture: SWNS

The 24-year-old wolfed down a whopping five sausages and five thick-cut rashers of bacon - accompanied by ten rounds of buttered toast.

Super-eater Kate, of Kennington, south London, also demolished five eggs, fried tomatoes, hash browns and even an entire bowl of beans, in just thirty minutes.

Kate, who has hundreds of thousands of followers online, took on the massive challenge at the Tyler's Rest pub in Tilehurst, Berks.

It is thought the dish contained somewhere in the region of 4,000 calories - double the recommended intake for a woman in an entire day.

She said: "Everybody loves a full English breakfast, but I think I might love them a bit too much.

"I jumped at the chance to take on a breakfast challenge.

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Katie Ovens

Picture: SWNS

"I've done them before, but never managed to complete it - so this was an absolute dream come true.

"From the first bite to the last, it was delicious."

Kate's massive breakfast was five of the pub's Sizzling breakfasts combined on one giant plate, meaning she chewed her way through enough food to feed an entire family.

She was invited to take on stuffing breakfast challenge by the pub's owners, Sizzling Pubs.

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She added: "The hardest bit was definitely the last few bites.

"I'd left the toast until last because I didn't want to fill up on bread, but that almost proved to be my downfall.

"it was so stodgy that I had to stand up and walk around for five minutes just to make a bit of room.

"I almost threw in the towel, but I'm glad I didn't in the end.

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"Despite winning, I did feel a bit defeated afterwards.

"I couldn't believe how messy I'd gotten eating it too."

Kate is known for keeping clean during her challenges, but ended up with bacon and egg on her face, despite winning the admiration of staff at the pub.

She added: "The entire dish weighed an absolute tonne, and was about the size of a dustbin lid.

"It was definitely one of my more carb-heavy challenges.

"The onion hash browns, beans and toast made it such a dense dish, but I'm glad that I was able to finish it all.

"Every bite was delicious though - but I think I might stick to muesli for in the mornings for the next couple of days."

Kate has more than 160,000 subscribers on her 'Kate Ovens' Facebook page and her eating challenges videos regularly rack-up millions of views.

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