Tired of turnips, fed up with pumpkins? Why not try carving a pineapple instead this Halloween?

If you’re sick of carving pumpkins (and have no idea what to do with the scooped out insides) then why not try something different this Halloween?

Despite not being the first thing you think of at this time of the year, pineapple carving was a big hit last year and is set to be huge again this year.

Funny, easy to carve a simple face into, and a great addition to a Halloween party (especially if you’re serving pina coladas), the pineapple is sure to be the unexpected star of fright night.

• Jack-🍍-Lanterns • No to pumpkins, yes to piña coladas.🍹

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If you’ve no idea where to start, here’s a handy video…


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